Best Reason to Eat Chocolate

Fantasy Candies

Dark chocolate has the health claims, milk chocolate the taste. Joel Fink -- candy-maker, chocolate addict, and owner of Lyndhurst's Fantasy Candies -- brings them together. Fink recently finished a three-year quest to find a bittersweet chocolate as mellow and voluptuous as its milk-chocolate counterparts. Eventually, he stumbled across a keeper: an American-made, European-style dark chocolate boasting a whopping 72 percent measure of antioxidant-rich cocoa solids. He blended it with almonds, blueberries, cranberries, orange peel, candied ginger, and cashews -- and came up with a line of 14 fruit-and-nut-filled barks, bursting with intense yet well-tempered goodness. It may not technically be health food, but it tastes like a dream.