Best Reason to Go to a Cavaliers Game

Cavs Dance Team

Normally we reject the distractions of mascots and T-shirts shot out of cannons. But, hey, when Lamond Murray doesn't care, pulling for the Cavs can be a chore. The tasteful bumps and grinds of the Cavs Dance Team provide a nice break from the inaction on the court. Pom-poms, costume changes, abs of steel -- what's not to like? Cavs fans can watch either their taut choreography or Joe Tait contemplating suicide from his radio broadcast position. Maybe this year, the front office will print the Cavalettes' full names in the media guide. Until then, thank you, Jami, Katherin, Niecy, Tracy, Rachel, Sha'ran, Danielle, Mindy, Diona, Natalie, Hayley, and Carrie.