Best Reason to Read The PD

John Mangels

At daily newspapers, science guys are usually left to sit in the corner and dissect tree frogs. The big guns are usually investigative reporters or columnists, while the best writers are quietly shuffled off to the features department, where they can safely construct multiple-clause sentences without hurting anyone. Not so at "Ohio's biggest newspaper." In the last year alone, Mangels has been at the center of some of the paper's biggest stories: the problems at the Davis-Besse nuclear plant, the fight over including "Intelligent Design" in Ohio's school curriculum, the economic espionage case against former Cleveland Clinic researchers Takashi Okamoto and Hiroaki Serizawa. Not only does Mangels tell you everything you need to know, but he has the rare ability to tell complicated stories with clear and compelling writing. Amazingly, he keeps doing it again and again and again.