Best Recreational Sports Facility

Soccer Sportsplex

If you want to lollygag, drink and chat up hotties, try something else. If you want to test your limits, join a Sportsplex soccer league. People come here to play hard — maybe too hard, considering that their blood, sweat and tears aren't exactly bringing home the World Cup. But the competition creates fascinating social interaction. We've witnessed shoving matches between women. We've seen opponents and teammates bark at each other. We've seen bruised joints, scraped skin and blown ligaments. So why bother? We like to think that athletic competition is all about respect, and this is the kind of place where a rival will pay you an honest compliment, offer a firm handshake and maybe even buy you a beer after a game. If you survive this arena, you will have definitely earned the respect. (31515 Lorain Ave., North Olmsted, 440.979.9997, — Guevara