Best Reissue of a Regional CD

The Pagans, "Shit Street" and "The Pink Album . . . Plus!"

On both albums, which were reissued this year on Crypt Records, the Pagans show why their reputation as unruly punks has survived, even though the group called it quits in 1979. Shit Street is a gratifying mix that includes a manic live set of tunes from shows the band played just before imploding. The band reunited in the early '80s, and The Pink Album . . . Plus! is a reissue of a 1983 album. It includes an assortment of basement tapes, radio blasts, live stuff, and other sounds that, in true punk fashion, are performed by various mutations of the band. The sound is rough, and the selections are spotty, but the energy is utterly unparalleled. Singer Mike Hudson lives in Niagara Falls, where he runs a weekly paper, but there's been talk of a reunion, due to renewed interest in the group, which was featured on the cover of a recent issue of the 'zine Shredding Paper.