Best Restaurant at the End of the World

Downtown 140

When the apocalypse finally arrives, we're booking a table at Downtown 140. Not only is the Hudson hot spot an elegant wine bar and eatery, but, snuggled deep inside a cellar, surrounded by massive sandstone walls, and boasting a world-class collection of vino, it would surely make the coolest hideaway ever. Busy sipping something chosen from the award-winning wine list and grazing our way through the trendy tapas-style menu, we'd hardly care if the end were near. And when our diet of oysters on the half-shell, grilled figs and prosciutto, or seared Hudson Valley foie gras on toasted brioche threatened to pack on a few extra pounds . . . well, for once we could laugh in the face of calories. So whether the apocalypse comes now or later, a reservation at Downtown 140 is surely a safe bet.