Best Restaurant

Parker's New American Bistro

Grandma knew that preparing and enjoying honest food nourishes the soul as well as the body. Luckily for Clevelanders, Parker Bosley and Chef du Cuisine Andy Strisak know it too. Every plate that comes out of this Ohio City kitchen starts with truly fresh meats and produce brought in from local farms -- places with names like R-Haven, Muddy Fork, and Morning Glory. Then those ingredients are made to soar: Greens and herbs are reimagined as salads; spring onions and asparagus transform into soups. A serving of naturally raised Knox County beef liver becomes an ode to the good life, and a distillation of rhubarb sings an aria from inside a freshly baked crisp. What results are meals of purity and grace, infused with heart and fairly bursting with good taste. In our book, that's what nourishment is all about.