Best Restaurant

Lola Bistro

When friends want to know what the city's best restaurant is, we always reply, "Best for what?" After all, there are lots of criteria by which to judge a spot, and we need to know what's most important to them. For instance, if our buds indicate that they're searching for the most happenin' atmosphere, we tell them, "Lola Bistro." If they want the best service, though, we tell them, "Lola Bistro." But if they want the most creative, interesting, and innovative food, well, then we tell them, "Lola Bistro." At about this juncture, they're prone to point out that a common thread runs through our answers. That's when we like to lower our voice and lean in reeeeeeeal close. "Stop asking so many damn questions, already," we whisper. "Just go to Lola Bistro!"