Best Retro Heavy Metal

Mob Scene

Akron's best metal band rips, wails, and solos like it's 1986 - and that's not a bad thing. In "Better Off Dead," Mob Scene singer Jeff "Z-man" Zaigen sings like he spent years studying Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford, then decided that QueensrØche's Geoff Tate had all the answers he needed. "Mob Scene has a goal of returning melody, passion, and power to metal," says guitarist Jozey "the Mobslinger" Cole. "We want to return to the glory days of metal." That means livin' after midnight, coming back for the attack, and screaming for vengeance. And even with modern touches here and there - detuned two-ton riffs and heart-thumping drum rolls - Mob Scene's metal follows in the footsteps of the classics. So c'mon, feel the noise.