Best Retro Housewares

Cosmic Collectibles

Don't start decorating your new pad until you've visited this retro treasure trove. You're likely to find that perfect centerpiece around which an entire theme evolves. Flower Child may have more variety, but you can buy twice as much gear here at half the price. Pick up an iron patio set (table and four chairs) for only $110 — the mustard-yellow vinyl seat cushions really set it off — or an Art Deco, black-and-ivory kitchen table with two chairs for $150. Remember those black-velvet paintings? Pick up one of E.T. or a nude Nubian princess for under $30. Owner Robin Sweeney searches high and low for these forgotten gems. When Madison Elementary in Lakewood closed down, she scooped up a pull-down map of the world — an instant conversation piece priced at just $45. Now that's old-school.