Best Rock Radio Station

WXTM-FM 92.3

Xtreme Radio - that's "extreme" with an X, and you can't fake that shit - is Cleveland's kind of modern-rock station: heavy on the Foo Fighters and Audioslave, followed by more Audioslave and some Foo Fighters. But the Xtreme team isn't afraid to push the envelope. In addition to hard rock, WXTM-FM 92.3 throws in a healthy mix from arty to tough, spinning indie rockers Modest Mouse and rockabilly-blues kings Social Distortion. And occasionally, they'll try out material like the latest single from alt-rhymer Atmosphere. Regular specialty programs showcase X's depth. On Wednesdays, 92.3's UnderXposed goes easy, playing new-wave '80s revivalists like Interpol, Muse, and the Bravery. On Saturdays, That Damn Punk Show gets you ready for next summer's Warped Tour. And every Sunday, the Metal Show unleashes the wolves, blaring metal from old-school Metallica to rippers like Mastodon. Hot funk, cool punk; even if it's old junk, it's still rock and roll to 92.3.