Best Room for Romance

Johnny's Bistro

There is no aphrodisiac more powerful than the scent of money. And there are few places where the decor speaks of dollars more loudly than Johnny's Bistro San Roche. It seems no expense has been spared to turn this space into the most beautiful yet intimate dining room in the city. Heavy silver Cristofle vases, each holding a single yellow rose, sparkle from the snowy white tablecloths. Fine Reidel crystal stemware makes any selection from the wine list taste like nectar. A pianist strokes the keys of a gleaming baby grand piano at one end of the softly glowing room; at the other, the kitchen staff performs its duties like a well-oiled machine. The food -- silken vichyssoise, succulent duck, and country pork pâté -- is every bit as sumptuous as the setting. If you can't get lucky after taking her to dinner here, my friend, it's time to consult a specialist.