Best Salsa Dancing

Belinda's Nightclub

Belinda's offers the only things that matter to true salsa lovers: great live bands and plenty of room to dance. Most salsa clubs start the night playing salsa and merengue, then shift into harder-sounding bachata and Latin rap as the evening progresses. At Belinda's, band leaders David Otero and Sammy DeLeon pack their huge orchestras (three trumpets! two saxophones! two conga players!) onto Belinda's little stage and jam traditional salsa music all night long. A number of couples who dance in salsa competitions use weekend nights at Belinda's as their weekly training sessions, and it's amazing to sit on the sidelines and watch. But don't be intimidated - beginners are welcome too. The atmosphere is homey, with silver Christmas-tree icicles hanging behind the stage and lots of Latina grandmothers coming out to enjoy the spectacle. Admission is cheap - $3 for ladies most nights, $5 for guys. Domestic beers cost $1.50.