Best Sandwich/Veggie Burger

Melt Bar & Grilled

Readers' Choice

Just how Cleveland is Melt Bar & Grilled? The decor is a delightful mix of iconic Cleveland knickknacks and memorabilia that sends nostalgic locals right down Memory Lane. Even sandwiches like the Parmageddon, a grilled cheese and pierogi masterpiece, scream Rust Belt Gourmet. And while a person expects great grilled cheese at a place called Melt, it's the housemade Good Burger that attracts vegetarian eaters. When Melt opened in Lakewood a little over a decade ago, it taught us that craft beer is cool, that comfort food can be gourmet, and that we all shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Now Melt is doing the same for Columbus, Dayton and, soon, the thrill seekers at Cedar Point. There's no limit to how far these enormous and enormously popular sandwiches can go. For now, we can be happy that no matter which Cleveland neighborhood you happen to be in, a cheese-oozing sourdough sandwich is never too far away.

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