Best Self-Proclaimed Paris and Nikki Hilton

Josh and Zach Phelps

Recently, Zach Phelps had a cocktail-induced epiphany: He is the male alter ego of Paris Hilton. In retrospect, the comparison was inevitable. A Cleveland hairdresser with a blond mullet and perfect bone structure, Phelps is often spotted pimped-out in gold aviators and a fur-lined coat, schmoozing at rock shows. The only one who can compete with his trashy glitz is his younger, darker-haired brother, Josh - the Nikki to his Paris. Together, the brothers - last seen fronting the band the Phelps Hex - are masters of self-promotion, constantly talking up plans for a new album or fashion line, always more interested in the idea than the execution. So when Zach made his drunken announcement at the Beachland Ballroom last fall, no one dared disagree; instead they bought him shots and begged for him to say, "That's hot!" Now that Paris and Nikki have announced their intention to retire from partying, the Phelps brothers may be candidates to fill the void.