Best Service

Delmonico's Steakhouse

The thing about service is, it mostly gets noticed when it's bad. But it makes an impact when servers go out of their way to fix what's wrong. Take some past visits to Delmonico's, for example. Even with reservations, our assigned table on one busy Saturday night was in a dull, out-of-the-way location. Disappointed, we asked if we could be seated in a more happenin' section; after five minutes at the elegant bar, we were led to a pair of great seats by a gracious hostess. Then there was the night with the ever-so-slightly overdone steak. It was still delicious, so we only mentioned it when a manager started asking pointed questions. Should he bring us a new one or take this one off our bill, he inquired? Clearly, he didn't find "neither" to be an acceptable answer; we ultimately took the bill reduction. Problem solved! And finally, there was the time a server forgot to box our half-eaten baked potato. When we asked what had become of it, he apologized profusely and boxed us up a brand new one to take home. We notice - and value - such hospitality.

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