Best Show of Humility

Reduced Bleacher-Seat Prices at Jacobs Field

During their reign atop the AL Central, the Indians were a cocky organization. Even junior staffers walked with a slugger's swagger. Institutional audacity reached its zenith before the 2001 season, when the club began charging $19 and $17 for ass space in the bleachers. Nineteen bones for a plank in the outfield? When Jacobs Field opened in 1994, no seat in the park sold for more than $16.

Ah, but what a difference a losing season makes. After finishing more than 20 games behind the Twins in 2002, the Indians knocked down prices. All bleacher seats today trade for a much more reasonable $12. Through May, a soda company giveaway made tickets available for $6. Now that's a family value we can all agree to hold dear.