Best Skate Park

Big Happy's

From the outside, this brick warehouse near I-77 looks better suited to house broken-down tow trucks. But after a year and a half, BH's has emerged as the go-to skate park in Northeast Ohio. It boasts ramps, bowls, half-pipes, and rails galore. But it's the atmosphere that has customers coming back. The operators of the privately owned park see to it that customers — bikers, rollerbladers, and skaters alike — stay off each other's backs and out of each other's way, creating a harmonious venue for novice kids and expert adults. "When you fall, they don't laugh at you," reports one satisfied 11-year-old. And when you tucker out, there's pinball, a killer snack bar, and articles from Thrasher plastered to the wall for your reading pleasure. Oh, and there's one more little detail: Big Happy's is indoors — a noteworthy attribute in a city where it snows half the year.