Best Skirts on Skates

Burning River Roller Girls

With nicknames like MILFinator, Skellwhore, and Dita von Bitch, rest assured that the 60 Burning River Roller Girls have no trouble busting heads. This female roller-derby league packs more than 600 fans into the North Olmsted Soccer Sportsplex with its relentless display of feminine aggression. Formed two years ago by a gaggle of tough-ass Cleveland women, the league now has four teams: The Cleveland Steamers, Hellbombers, Rolling Pin-ups, and Hard Knockers (pictured). Donned in their best fishnets and miniskirts, the ladies of BRRG are anything but coy. They've suffered broken limbs, torn ligaments, throbbing skulls, and skinned knees, all for our viewing pleasure. They also drink as hard as they play -- obvious not only by their proud Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsorship, but also by their post-game parties, almost always hosted at the Garage Bar.