Best Sludge

Corey Bing

Multi-instrumentalist metalhead Corey Bing makes music so slow, dark, and thick, it can only be compared to toxic waste. In 2006, he released eight albums and EPs as part of five bands: King Travolta, Son of Jor-El, Accept Death, Fistula, and Scumchrist. In 2007, he's got his grimy hands in more mud pies: Scumchrist is now the even-more-evil Necrodamus, whose No Rest for the Wizard was released in late August. Fistula reshuffled to record nasty new tracks like "Cat Skulls Are Thick." And Fistula/Necrodamus guitarist Scott Stearns followed Bing down the highway to hell for his new project, Sollubi, which plays a song Bing describes as "25 minutes of pure filth." The bands' songs are all about violence, betrayal, nihilism, and/or weed. Hey --they don't call it sludge because it's good, clean fun.