Best Small Publisher

EcoWatch Journal's Stephanie Penn Spear

About three years ago, local environmental activist Stefanie Penn Spear decided to jump back into publishing. She'd put out an environmental newspaper called Affinity for 10 years before taking a break to focus on her family. The bi-monthly nonprofit EcoWatch Journal, which has a print run of 65,000, is a handy guide to who's doing what to bring a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle to Northeast Ohio, with articles written by activists, business owners, elected officials and people who work for nonprofit organizations. Among the topics covered in the last edition are safe drinking water, nuclear power, energy-efficient computers, "green" homes and forest preservation. Each issue includes a roundup of sustainability events. Penn also runs Expedite Renewal Energy, which helps businesses become more energy-efficient: Sustainability isn't a hobby for her but a consuming passion. ( — Pantsios