Best Soundtrack for Bar Fights

Amps II Eleven

The self-titled debut from Cleveland's Amps II Eleven is pretty much the sound of one prolonged bar brawl set to wax. With songs like "Jesus Hates Cleveland" and "Gas Ass or Grass," these dudes won't win any points for subtlety. But for this Parma-based bunch, refinement is about as useful as dialogue in a porno. Its bellowed come-ons, domineering bass, and slobbering dual-guitar action make this the perfect band to help you blow off some steam on a Friday night. Live, these dudes bring the rock like a Midwestern Molly Hatchet, with guitars held high in the air, a frontman fond of hanging from the rafters, and a pit bull of a bassist, who'll have you backing away from the stage as if it were swarming with cobras. Yeah, it's all a little scary, but the best thrill rides are.