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Spa Walden

At Spa Walden, luxury and privacy go hand in hand, thanks to 12 beautifully appointed spa suites -- spacious individual rooms where guests can unwind and relax before, during, and after their scheduled treatments. Among the amenities count an enormous steam shower, a bubbly whirlpool tub, and a plush daybed on which to recline and reflect. A mini-fridge holds bottled water; an electric kettle and gourmet teas sit on the counter; and gourmet chocolates await on a tray. And in the closet, find stretchy, cashmere-like robes in a choice of sizes and stacks of luxuriously fluffy bath sheets. Arrive early, bathe and relax, then enjoy your treatment -- a scrub, wrap, facial, manicure, pedicure, or customized massage, perhaps. Afterward, linger, shower, shampoo, and change before heading back to the real world.