Best Specialty Cocktail (And Where to Find It)

Uncle Jimmy's Gold Margaritas at La Fiesta

Legend has it that those who consume even one Uncle Jimmy's Gold Margarita at La Fiesta (or La Taqueria next door) often end up divulging deeply held secrets. "It's like a truth serum," say staffers. Consume two or more of these mind erasers and you will very likely regret it, saying things that can never be unsaid. The irony of all this is how closely guarded the recipe is, with just two living souls in possession of the top-secret formulation. "Uncle Jimmy," a bartender here for 30 years, goosed a basic margarita recipe with some Grand Marnier and a few other mysterious additions to create a cocktail with its own cult following — kind of like Phish, but without the patchouli.

5115 Wilson Mills Rd., Richmond Hts., 440-442-1445,

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