Best Sports Bar

The Main Event

If the Athletics are shellacking the Indians, just rack up a game of eight ball on any one of the Main Event's 12 tournament-quality pool tables. If the Browns can't move the ball any better against the Ravens than your local prep team, challenge your compadres to a game of darts or air hockey. It doesn't make you any less of a fan, and besides, no matter where you are in the three-room banquet-hall-style bar, you still have a good view of the action (or lack thereof) on the bar's 16 big-screen TVs. And if the little woman won't watch the kids on a Sunday when you want to watch the game, no problem: There's a video game room to keep the little tykes out of your hair while improving their hand-eye coordination. And on the off chance the Cavaliers actually do prevail over the Pacers, you can celebrate with a fine victory cigar.

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