Best Sports Highlight

The Hiring of Romeo Crennel

The Cleveland Browns. One of the NFL's most storied franchises. Smash-mouth football. Ugly brown-and-orange uniforms. Seventy-three thousand hammered guys cheering them on. Some are even wearing dog masks. Does it get any more beautiful than this? But while Pittsburgh is led by a badass sociopath, and Philly has a genius fat guy, Cleveland was coached by a junior executive from Enron. Or so Butch Davis seemed. He was more at home lying to subordinates than commanding a hardass Rust Belt football team. All of which made cheering on the Browns like rooting for a Republican congressman from Texas. Fortunately, Davis has been evacuated to Florida. Taking his place is Romeo Crennel, the perfect head coach for Cleveland. At age 57, he's finally getting his shot as a head coach. Much like Cleveland itself, he's spent his career outside the limelight, building things — namely, defenses that appeared in six Super Bowls. And in just a few short months, he's restored the no-bullshit approach demanded by Browns fans. Crennel didn't inherit a cargo vessel of talent. But regardless of how he does, he's brought rootability back to the Browns. And that may be even better than winning.