Best Sports-Talk Host

Bruce Drennan

It's hard to remember, but Cleveland was once home to some of the best radio in the country. No matter what your interests or political persuasion, there was always something worth tuning in: Gary Dee, Pete Franklin, Merle Pollis. Even Imus did a stint here. Those days, however, are long gone. Now it's a whole lot of news, traffic, and syndicated teeth spasms from the fashionably idiotic Glenn Beck. Thank God for Drennan. As morning host on all-sports station WKNR, Drennan could probably get away with yapping about Danys Baez for three hours. It's to his credit that he's fashioned something akin to a real talk show. He chews on sports, of course, but he's equally obsessed with movies, Broadway musicals, and Swingo's on the Lake. Where else would callers check in to learn whether Cats is appropriate fare for their kids? Where else does the host open each show by singing a show tune? Cleveland radio may not be what it once was, but Drennan, at least, reminds us what it could be.