Best Sports Talker

Kenny Roda

Time was when Roda was the crassest DJ this side of Howard Stern. The afternoon Happy Hour was too shot up with testosterone even to qualify as a guilty pleasure. But then Roda was given a voice in the Bowl Championship Series. Almost from the day he humbly announced on-air that he had been selected for college football's prestigious Harris Poll, there was a palpable shift in his approach. Talk of Playboy centerfolds vanished, and Roda demonstrated a firm commitment to making his bones as the most ammoed-up sports talker in town. Whether deriding Maurice Carthon's version of an NFL offense or Mike Brown's guard rotation, the Road Man has become a powerful independent voice, offering useful criticism of the Browns, Cavs, and Indians. In a city where sports-talkers crib too many talking points from The Plain Dealer's sleepy reportage, Roda continually offers fresh insights. Happy Hour With Kenny Roda, 3-7 p.m.