Best Sportswriter

Brian Windhorst

This one really isn't even close. Throughout the Cavaliers' recent thwarted runs for glory and right up through LeBron's free-agency debacle, The Plain Dealer's intrepid beat man maintained the utmost professionalism while others in the media coddled the falling star or whipped up entire stories sparked by baseless rumors. But this has been Windhorst's game for years, dating back to his days with the Akron Beacon Journal. One of Windhorst's greatest gifts is his penchant for presenting a realist's view of things throughout the long grind of the NBA season: He keeps us in check when we get too confident and picks us up when the well runs dry. A product of Kent State, Windhorst is a Cleveland sports treasure — and not incidentally, another Cleveland sports treasure that just got away: Windhorst recently announced he has accepted a gig with ESPN to be point man in the continuing coverage of the presumptive dynasty brewing down in South Beach. Best of luck, and thanks for chronicling our finest memories of Cleveland basketball.