Best Spot for Tailgating

Muni Lot

We may not win on Sundays, but we'll have a helluva time Sunday mornings. The Muni Lot encapsulates all that is great about Browns fandom — the cooking, the camaraderie, the drinking, the partying, the football tossing and the cornhole. There are the unforgettable characters — Bone Lady, Mobile Dawg, etc. — and the unforgettable rides — hearses, buses, converted vans and everything in between, including couches — and the Muni Lot on Sundays is their church. Up to 1,700 vehicles pack the 15 or so acres before the sun rises and the party stretches all the way until kickoff — and oftentimes well past it. After all, it's happier out here than it is in the stadium.

1500 South Marginal Rd., 216-664-2711.

Staff Pick: Muni Lot