Best Strip Club for Women

Diamond Men's Club

No, guys, this probably isn't your best bet for your first date with that sixth-grade teacher you met on eHarmony. But if sixth-grade eHarmony teacher lady turns out to have a thing for gyrating, fake-breasted "law students," Diamond Men's Club is the place. It's the cleanest, classiest strip joint in Cleveland, with an $8-and-up weekend cover charge that keeps out (some of) the riff-raff. It's spacious, with comfortable plush seats and dim lighting, so women can get as close to or far from the stage as is comfortable. Well-dressed and overly polite hosts keep an eye on the floor, and, if your date grows bored of her own gender easily, the club has a full menu, allowing patrons to hide their faces in fare like roast beef au jus. And while women can't get past the door without a man on their arm, they do get in free.