Best Strip Club

Christie's Cabaret

Perched near the river on the Flats' still-breathing West Bank, Christie's Cabaret rises from the chaos like a Mario Bros. castle: The place you worked so hard to get to all night, the place where the glory of saving a Princess -- or at least paying her rent -- will be yours at last. Even better, the building looks like an actual castle from outside. Inside, it's as dark and cavernous as the scariest Mario ending. And it crawls with Cleveland's best stable of strippers -- as many as 40 on any given night, with a diversity (of age, ethnicity, style, and strategy) even the ACLU could appreciate. And while the pleasant decor and eager staff put Christie's on the classier end of the strip spectrum, the women take a decidedly blue-collar-club approach -- working hard for their money on stage, at your table, and on your lap.