Best Strip Mall

The Promenade of Westlake

While most strip malls do wallow under the weight of bad 1970s architecture and empty storefronts, there are still a few open-air shopping centers worth the land that's been paved over. If you're looking for dietary supplements or a bad haircut, the best could be any strip mall in Ohio, but if you're after a good shopping fix without driving to the real mall, go no farther than the Promenade. The usual run of stores anchors the complex, but what sets it a cut above is that the parking lot was actually planned before the lines were painted. Assuming no leadfoot yuppie is whipping around in an SUV, you stand every chance of shopping at a strip mall without any traffic incidents -- every entrance even has a light, complete with a left-turn arrow. It's like heaven, without a roof or food court.