Best Studio for Your First Record

Mind's Eye

If you're going to persuade a major record company to spend big money on your band, you'd better make a good demo. Thankfully, the crew at Mind's Eye understands what so many fledgling rockers don't: It's better to have three polished songs than a debut bulging with clunkers. And the studio won't soak you for 150 hours at $35 per; a focused band with a tight grip on its material can cut a three-song demo for $400. Which is one reason some of the area's rising stars - including smart rockers 2 Skinny Dorks, rhymer Quiet Storm, and singer-songwriters Zach and Mindy McQ - have all recorded here in the past year. Mind's Eye also offers one-stop shopping for all your promotional needs, including web design, radio spots, press kits, and graphic design. Now, all you need is talent.