Best Suburban Hotspot


Some East Side suburbanites want the look and feel of the Warehouse District without the worries of a 20-minute drive down the Shoreway. If that's you, take it to Suede. Everything inside this new, tricked-out Willoughby nightspot is authentic West Sixth Street: cherrywood railings, three VIP areas, custom-designed wrought iron, and a directional sound system that keeps the beats on the dance floor (and away from that sweet thing at the bar, hanging on your every word). But two things are most definitely lost in translation: the drink prices (which are almost college-cheap) and the muscle Suede puts behind its upscale-casual dress code. Do you want to take off that ball cap yourself, or would you like the bouncer -- UFC contender Dan "the Bull" Bobish -- to help you? We thought so.