Best Sunday Brunch Buffet

RiverFront Restaurant

In a world of Sunday brunch buffets featuring sodden French toast, white-sauced mystery meats, and rubbery scrambled eggs, it is a joy to discover the sophisticated and well-prepared offerings at the beautiful RiverFront Restaurant. Nestled among the big bouquets of fresh flowers, ice sculptures, and fountains are choices like New England spoonbread, velvety Nova Scotia lox, and caviar. Tender omelets and thick Belgian waffles are made to order. Grilled medallions of rib-eye steak vie for attention with dozens of multilayered tortes, glistening tarts, and goblets of chocolate mousse. And as a backdrop to it all, the magnificent Cuyahoga River churns its way across falls and rapids in its descent to Lake Erie, right beyond the restaurant's enormous floor-to-ceiling windows. Add the presence of attentive servers, live music, and lovely decor, and Sunday mornings actually become worth waking up to.