Best Surf Guitar Band

KB & the Riptides

This quartet bills itself as "The Rock & Roll Capitol's #1 Surf Rock Band." Like the surfers who brave the chilly waters of Lake Erie looking for a ridable swell, KB & the Riptides don't have much competition. But they'd likely have the distinction even if they had to fight for it. The band is led by guitarist Kirk "KB" Sporck, who's spent his entire life defying the odds. The right-handed axeman plays left-handed to offset the challenge of having just three fingers on his left hand. Over the past decade, the group has become a fixture on the club and party circuit, mixing covers with sultry earworm originals like "Dead Sea Surf Pt. 2." The band's annual Holiday Extravaganza is a year-end tradition; look for a date soon. ( Ferris