Best Surfer

Johnny Santosuosso

When Johnny Santosuosso moved from Delray Beach, Florida, in 2000, he assumed he'd have to give up the sport he'd grown to love. "Surfing is my life," says Santosuosso, 32. Then he noticed the strong wind and big waves of Lake Erie in the winter, and met a group of die-hard local surfers. Now Santosuosso's the best of the bunch. He can pull six different maneuvers on a single wave. His favorite is the Floater, in which he drives down the barrel of the wave, pops up to ride the crest, and then floats back down the face. Unlike most local surfers, who wear wet suits to fend off the freezing wind and water, Santosuosso braves the cold in just a pair of baggy shorts. As Scott Ditzenberger, another local surfer, puts it: "Johnny's totally sick."