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Foie Gras-Steamed Clams at Greenhouse Tavern

You can keep your tiresome filet and lobster tail. In terms of bang for the buck, the return on the investment is poor. Us, we'll take Greenhouse Tavern's foie gras-steamed clams time after time. If ever there was a pairing of land and sea that exceeded expectations, this is it. Admittedly, we've never pondered a clam-and-foie pairing, but this dish is proof that some higher power — and chef Jon Sawyer — obviously has. Remarkably simple, the popular dish is made by melting foie gras mousse into the steamed-clam broth to create a sauce with incredible depth and richness. Of course, the stick of whole butter doesn't hurt. We devour the clams early for better access to the sauce, which we sop up with the accompanying grilled bread.

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