Best Sustainability Champ

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Let's begin with awareness: Great Lakes has held the Burning River Fest every year since 2001. The party and festival may give revelers plenty of excuses to sit outside and guzzle GLBC brews, but it also raises funds for the Burning River Foundation, which gives out dough for sustainable projects involving our bodies of water, and provides educational booths to give a dash of information along with the beer. Then there's GLBC's core belief, which it tries to live up to from brewing to shipping to service. They grow hops locally, divvy out grain to local farmers for livestock feeding, have installed solar panels and other energy-efficient methods of cooling beer and lighting their brewpub, and recycle everything they can. Hell, the "Fatty Wagon," which ferries folks to Indians games and other events, runs on straight vegetable oil. Beat that.

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