Best T-Shirts That Double as Art

Def-Native Clothing Company

When pals James Quarles and Rob Krumholz began churning out T-shirts, they didn't just want to make a buck with run-of-the-mill cotton wares tagged with canned irony or dumb pictures. Instead, the pair of art students were thinking mobile canvas for their intricate, hand-drawn street-art aesthetic. So yeah, T-shirts seemed like the smart play. Cut to three years later, and the clothing line they've founded, Def Native, is responsible for some of the loudest eye-catchers around. The ingredients are simple: one solid-color T-shirt decked out in detail-heavy imagery that could have been lifted straight off the side of a graffiti'd building. Def Native's designs combine hip-hop swagger with a mushroom trip, and include more than one nod to their Cleveland roots. The clothing line is available locally at Next locations and Sanity in Chagrin Falls.