Best Taco Tuesday

Sachsenheim Hall

We like to say that Sachsenheim Hall is off the beaten path, but its long-standing Taco Tuesday night is far from a best-kept secret. In fact, most people who’ve passed through this century-old German social hall, where beer is served in boots, will simply narrow it down to “best.” If the haunt’s character isn’t enough, the one-buck tacos surely are. Concocted by a chef known to regulars on a first-name basis as “Grumpy,” the tacos are less no-frills than the old-school surroundings. No, these affordable beauties come stuffed with creative options like green chili, chicken paprikash and mesquite chipotle pork. This is the kind of secret we don’t mind sharing.

7001 Denison Ave., 216-651-0888,