Best Tapas


You know the feeling. You're hungry, you go to the happenin' place, and everything on the menu looks so gosh-darned good you can't decide what to order. Well, friends, there's no need to suffer the humiliation of menu paralysis any longer. Next time, just go to sleek, energetic Mojo, Michael Herschman's hot spot in Tremont, where a selection of precisely prepared and artistically presented "little plates" lets you sample a variety of luscious tastes in a single meal. From a few supercharged tempura-battered tiger shrimp with spicy peanut sauce to a couple of baby-back ribs with mango barbecue sauce to summer tomatoes tossed with roasted garlic to (our favorite) a modest serving of baked penne with four cheeses, caramelized shallots, and basil, tapas time at Mojo is living proof that you can have it all.

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