Best Tequila Selection

Tequila Ranch

Of course, you'd expect a place called Tequila Ranch to be all about the liquid agave, and this lively, nouveau-western bar has never let us down. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine sippin' tequilas - like the miraculous Milagro or the grand Patron - or a mere neophyte, preferring to disguise the booze with all the inactive ingredients that make up a margarita, Tequila Ranch has got the goods. The bar stocks around 40 different types of tequila at all price ranges, going from $5 to $30 per shot. For wusses, the barkeeps also can whip up a variety of tequila-based cocktails, including the popular Tequila Sunrise, and a jumbo 23-ounce margarita that serves a small crowd. For newbies, the Ranch hands out a list of all the tequilas in stock, complete with space to jot down your tasting notes. So saddle up, pardner; we reckon to rope us one high-octane night on the town.