Best Theater Company


Sure, it's great if a theater company can be involved in many aspects of theater life: Producing plays, sponsoring educational efforts, reaching out to the community. And we have honored such companies here in the past (Cleveland Public Theatre, Beck Center). But sometimes a small group can make a big impression, when it relentlessly focuses on delivering a specific style of theater that stretches the conventional boundaries of language and space. Convergence-Continuum, working out of the tiny Liminis theater space in Tremont, consistently puts together plays that are physically confrontational, intellectually stimulating, and usually a hell of a good time. Its production of Hot 'N' Throbbing, by Paula Vogel, was slick and salacious in all the right places, while Tales of the Lost Formicans, by Constance Congdon, was a comedic yet intense look at some idiotic aliens trying to analyze equally brain-dead earthlings. Although the playwrights may not be quite as well known as some, the often mixed-media staging of Convergence-Continuum, under the direction of Clyde Simon and Brian Breth, will stretch your imagination. If you can get past the clumsily pretentious name of this theater group, it's worth your time to sample its edgy, goose-bump-producing fare.