Best Theater Honchos

Sean McCohaha and Sean Derry, Bang & the Clatter Theatre Company

Sean McConaha and Sean Derry share more than a name; they wade, it seems, in the same vat of tremendous talent. The founders and guiding lights of the two-year-old the Bang & the Clatter Theatre Company, these two consistently mount some of the freshest and most stimulating theatrical fare around. This year, they staged Fat Pig (yes, it was about a fat girl, and was both funny and poignant) and the bracing Long Christmas Ride Home. Even their near misses (Roulette, Red Light Winter) are more interesting than other theaters' mild successes. Bonus: They serve free wine and imported beer before each show, and they're opening a downtown Cleveland theater in 2008. Counting both locations, that's 16 plays per year. Clear your date book.