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Unique Thrift

So you want to buy a complete outfit for $4 and grab a couple of lamps for the apartment and a book to read and maybe a new coffee table to put it on? Come on down to Unique Thrift! Better yet, come down on half-price Mondays, when you can probably score all that gold for just a couple bucks. The Lorain-Fulton location has been the poor man's Nordstrom for Cleveland's hipsters, twentysomethings and just about anyone who looked at their bank account, looked at retail clothing prices and realized the recession would take some getting used to. And chances are even if you don't shop there regularly, you've been to the thrift oasis for a Halloween costume or other random occasion, and the experience hasn't been awful. And besides the bargains, that's about all you need to know.

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Staff Pick: Unique Thrift