Best Tickle to Your Taste Buds

Johnny Mango World Café and Bar

Whether bon vivant Johnny Mango is singing "The Ballad of Meatless and Delicious" or crooning a "One-Dish Melody," the fictitious man-about-town and restaurant namesake can say nothing wrong about the sassy eats at this little global café. Besides, what's not to like? The food is simple -- beans, grains, veggies, and, oh yeah, meat, if you want it -- and the flavor quotients are eye-popping, supercharged by zesty seasonings culled from both Caribbean and Asian pantries. To quench the burn, try something fresh and fizzy from the juice bar, or order a mojita, a margarita, or a Negra Modelo, for example, off the big list of international quenchers. Better still, when you head out the door with your tummy stuffed and folding cash still snuggled in your wallet, remember Johnny's famous words: "Every time I eat, my mouth sings." Now you know why.