Best Tilt at a Windmill

Bill Denihan

The man would make a good mayor. He's smart, affable, and media-savvy. And he has the experience. He's run the state department of public safety. He's been Cleveland's safety director. He's headed up the county's Department of Children and Family Services. He knows both the possibilities and limits of a city administration. Yet he has absolutely no chance of winning. None. Zero. Zip. This is not, after all, the race Denihan thought he'd be running. Denihan would have been most attractive as an antidote to Michael White. Had the mayor run again, Denihan could have posed himself as the anti-White candidate, a guy who's got experience and can get along with people. With White out of the race and a bevy of local pols jockeying for the job, however, Denihan is just another name lost in a crowded field. It's a pity, really. He may be the best mayor we'll never have.