Best Timely Return to Politics

Tim McCormack

Despite having been the incumbent, party-endorsed Democrat, former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim McCormack was ousted from that job in a primary race against his opponent, Tim Hagan, back in 2004. Since then he's served on the victims' appeals panel in the Ohio Court of Claims and worked in private law practice. McCormack has always rubbed some people the wrong way, and no doubt his politicking suffered from his disregard of tact. (To wit: Standing on Whiskey Island and discussing Cleveland's historic disregard for its lakefront, he once referred to Browns Stadium as "that piece of shit over there.") Given the current state of county politics, losing to Hagan may have been the best thing to happen to McCormack's career, and it looks now as though he picked six very good years to lay low from county office. Running as an Independent for the newly created office of county executive, he's got the experience and lack of baggage to make a run on Election Day.